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oil based paint

Portrait of a star girl

Портрет звездной девушки

Oil painting

# 36

Oil paint on canvas, 16×16 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, холст, 40 * 40 см

paint sold

Portrait of a star girl

Portrait of a star girl was painted by order of her mother during her short visit home. The girl is a famous blogger and constantly travels around the world to create interesting reports for her followers. She graduated with honors from high school and entered Moscow University, but after the third year she devoted herself entirely to travel blogging. Her work allows her to pay for travel and accommodation in different parts of the world. Parents do not really approve of her lifestyle, but it seems this life is becoming different …
Portrait of a girl: the theme of a woman does not lose its attractiveness in the art of the XXI century. Art cannot stand still, new trends burst into it like spring, but a woman — passionate, tender, in love and beloved — continues to shyly look at her viewer from paintings of different styles, different artists. And whatever the time may be, she still remains a muse, a fairy, inspiring with her external and spiritual beauty. The poet of the female body is, for example, the name of the modern Russian artist Sergei Marshennikov, whose hyperrealistic paintings on the Internet are often mistaken for photographs. “Wonderful! Estupendo! Sumptuously!» — the painter receives enthusiastic comments on his works in all languages ​​of the world. His canvases, among which one of the most famous — «Dawn», breathe sleep and serenity, captivating with the comfort and warmth of every crumpled lace, morning glint, bend of a sleeping hand. Handmade oil painting.
A pink blush, a constant glint on the lips and a look full of either dream or longing — all these are the characteristic features of the girl from the portraits of Malcolm Lipke, a modern American painter. Malcolm is an artist who was not educated in a prestigious college, but who found his own unique style, learning from the past: Lipke studied color and texture in museum halls. In his paintings, the influence of Degas, Renoir and other impressionist masters can be traced, but at the same time Malcolm has his own individual style, especially recognizable in female portraits. Sharp, expressive strokes, a combination of evening shadows and dim light complement the image of a mystery girl, yearning and desired.
25 — so many times painted a portrait of his beloved Jeanne Hébuterne Amedeo Modigliani. On all canvases, her image is imbued with a special melancholy, sensuality, which is emphasized by a dark, «evening» color scheme. The artist and his muse experienced adversity and joys together, but they never got engaged: in 1919 Modigliani died of tuberculous meningitis, and Jeanne, unable to bear grief, committed suicide the day after her husband’s death.

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Speaking of the creators who praised the grace of the fair sex, one cannot but recall Alfons Mucha, a Czech artist who gained worldwide fame precisely because of his Art Nouveau portraits of women. This trend is distinguished by the presence of a variety of floral ornaments and a female image in complete harmony with nature, as, for example, in the painting “Primula. Primrose». The girl pictured here is the soul of a flower, the soul of spring.
Mucha was an artist-jeweler who painted every fold of fabric, every petal, both on a matchbox label and on canvas. The beauties in his works are airy and light. One wants to look at their sophisticated figures in the clouds of clothes and flora without stopping.
Many of us, hearing the name of this famous artist, most likely imagine something noso-square (and some even call «something» the terrible word «cubism»), but Picasso did not immediately come to this style. «Woman with a crow» is a relatively early work of the artist, written in 1904, at the junction of the blue and pink periods of his life. This is evidenced by the still present deep blue background color and red, creating a contrast, dress. Long fingers, a stray curl gently falling on the cheek, and skinny pallor — such an image of a thin, lyrical girl is very rare in the work of Picasso, who later depicted «very earthly» women in his canvases.