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oil based paint

Portrait of a wise woman

Портрет мудрой женщины

Oil painting
Portrait of a wise woman

# 14

Oil paint on canvas, 16×16 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, холст, 40 * 40 см

paint sold

Portrait of a wise woman

Portrait of a wise woman was created under the impression of long-term communication with a wise and infinitely kind woman — Maria Burtseva. In recognition of her merits and good influence on the artist’s family, this painting was created and presented as a gift. What characterizes the wisdom of a person? A wise woman always knows what she wants. She has formed her own scale of values, set priorities and acts in accordance with them. She will not reproach or shame herself for desires, because she understands: behind each of them there is a very definite need. Such a woman will not be irritated and make claims to others, because she knows that no one is obliged to indulge her, but will be grateful to those who will help her dreams come true. Handmade oil painting.

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One of the main signs of wisdom is not trying to change others. Wise people respect someone else’s personal space and do not encroach on it, including trying to change something. Moreover, they will not impose their opinion or change a person against his will.

This behavior is based on the understanding that everyone has both advantages and disadvantages, and the ability to accept others. It affects everyone without exception: spouse and children, friends and relatives, colleagues and neighbors.
A wise woman is not stingy with praise and help, she is happy to share her experience and knowledge, but she never pretends to “dividends”. Generosity is natural to her, as is the awareness of her worth. She willingly accepts gratitude, but does not expect her. He values ​​himself highly, knows how to adequately respond to compliments and gifts.

She knows what she is striving for, but at the same time soberly evaluates what she has, and is grateful for it. “Always not enough” is not about her. Such a woman is equally striving to receive and to give. She appreciates comfort and does not refuse to improve the quality of life, but she will not step over her principles for the sake of money.