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Still life with watermelon

Still life with watermelon

Натюрморт с арбузом

Still life with watermelon

# 65

Oil paint on canvas, 17×20 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, холст, 40 * 50 см

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Still life with watermelon

Still life with watermelon — handmade oil painting on canvas created by the author in the spring of 2023 from nature, a rare watermelon at this time of the year in our region. The picture calls to try a piece of this beautiful juicy fruit. Looking at it, we feel the delicate aroma of ripe watermelon. This makes still life with watermelon especially attractive and desirable. In reality, the picture looks much more colorful and richer than in the photographs.
Handmade oil painting.

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A sweet, juicy, bright watermelon could not fail to attract the attention of artists who are in search of color and paint. It organically fills the space of the picture and creates the charm of fullness, saturation, completeness, and the variety of its texture — you can depict both a whole berry with a pattern of stripes, and rich scarlet or barely pinkish, depending on the variety and time of collection, the pulp — gives a rich space for experiments. A still life with fruits looks beautiful: many artists create complex compositions from a large number of objects, in which the center and key figure is a watermelon. The undoubted advantage of this berry can be recognized as the fact that in any technique and any means of painting, it is revealed from different sides, without losing its attraction for the viewer.
Dense paint, such as oil, gives a fundamentally different vision of a watermelon. Playing with color and texture affects mostly watermelon as an element of organic complex compositions with a variety of objects and surfaces, with multi-layered heavy draperies or dense wooden, brass, iron, stone surfaces. A still life with a water-melon in painting of such a plan, in this case, is worked out in detail and sustained in a single tone. Although, of course, this is true mainly for the classical school of painting. While abstractionist and expressionist canvases depart from this tradition in order to convey the impression of this berry in a different way and fill its image on canvas with renewed meaning.