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Tosya sandwich

Tosya sandwich

Тосин бутерброд

Tosya sandwich

# 64

Oil paint on canvas, 17×20 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, холст, 40 * 50 см

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Tosya Sandwich

Tosya Sandwich is an oil painting based on a funny character from a popular movie. Tosya’s eyes glow with happiness. She had just come from a severe frost, she was very cold and hungry. And the size of her sandwich tells us what she dreamed about on the way home. The film was made in the middle of the 20th century and was in black and white. But very popular because of this groovy and cheerful heroine. Evgeniya transferred her childhood delights to this canvas. Handmade oil painting.

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I don’t remember how many times we watched the wonderful Soviet comedy Girls. Probably, there is not a single person today who has never seen this wonderful, kind film. I will leave the discussion of the plot to film critics, I propose to discuss only one episode.
Agree, in a sense, the hallmark of the picture is the scene in which Tosya Kislitsyna sits at a table in the hostel and has tea. With tea, she eats an indecent sandwich made from half a loaf and a thick layer of jam.
We have watched this episode many times, and we always laugh, as Tosya spares neither bread nor jam. She tries to bite off half a loaf at once, and at that moment her neighbors find her — Nadia, Katya, Anfisa and Vera.
From the screen, it looks very comical, but leaves the viewer at a loss: why does Tosya eat such a huge sandwich, because it doesn’t look like a woman at all. It is clear that Tosya sandwich put to her according to the plot of the picture. The director successfully played in contrast — a miniature girl and a spectacular Tosya sandwich with jam.
The approach to nutrition speaks eloquently of the openness, innocence and iron character of the main character. On the table at Tosya we see an immodest set of products: sausage, a can of condensed milk, jam, crackers. In addition, there is stew and half a loaf of black bread and cottage cheese with milk. Moreover, Tosya eats in the evening, when many girls «no-no».