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oil based paint

Morning on a yacht

Утро на яхте, Байкал

Oil painting

# 27

Oil paint on canvas, 16×16 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, холст, 40 * 40 см

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Morning on a yacht

Morning on a yacht: it was a sunny early morning on a yacht on Lake Baikal. The sun was incredibly radiant. Its rays deeply illuminated the purest water of the deepest freshwater lake in the world. The glitter of the waves, the cries of seagulls created a wonderful shroud of peace around the yacht. In such incredible places, you feel like a part of nature and become kinder and more sensitive.
Morning on a yacht at Lake Baikal is an unmatched time. All sailing yachts are roughly the same. There is a space on the deck — the cockpit — there are usually two sofas and a sliding table (where everyone eats or just hangs out), there is also a steering wheel and a special platform at the stern so that you can jump from the boat and swim. In front of the mast on the bow there is a large deck where you can lie down, look to the sides or into the sky. Inside the yacht there is a large space with a kitchen and a wardroom, and there are all sorts of communication devices for the captain. Depending on the size and model of the yacht, there can be three, four or five cabins, two or three bathrooms, with a shower. A toilet is the most delicate thing on a yacht, you can’t throw anything at all there — no paper or anything else. This is perhaps the most important rule. For all the goodness, there is a special pouch under the sink. Handmade oil painting.

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The stove on the yacht is gas — you must not forget to turn off the gas after cooking (the captain will remind you of this). And also each yacht has a dinghy or dinghy — a small inflatable boat with a motor and oars — you can simply swim on it for pleasure or land on a nearby wild shore.