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oil based paint

Sea goddess

Морская богиня

Oil painting

# 63

Oil paint on linen canvas, 30×36 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, льняной холст, 75 * 90 см

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Sea goddess

Sea Goddess is an oil painting created in 2022 inspired by the artwork of the famous artist. Against the backdrop of the evening sea, the appearance of a beautiful goddess, full of erotic sensuality, tenderness and idial femininity, arose. A light breath of wind develops her radiance. This creates the airiness of this image. The picture attracts the viewer with its magic and mystery. The background of cold shades, as it were, pushes the divine figure out of the picture to meet her admiring idolaters.
Handmade oil painting.

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The Sea Goddess symbolizes a person’s craving for the beauty of the world around us. A young beautiful erotic body has always pushed a person to inspiration and romantic deeds. Therefore, artists have always turned to this topic.
Provocation, mystery, attention to forbidden topics are what often turns a craftsman into an artist. After all, art is, in fact, a tool for exploring and improving the world, including ridding it of prejudices and tightness.
In fact, in drawing and painting, many artists did what Alfred Kinsey did in psychology many decades later — they explored human sexuality, affecting cultural and moral values. And these are strange but necessary works in the history of painting. Yet it is hard to argue with the fact that the world without sexual neuroses is a much more pleasant place than with them.
Erotica is alluring, saturated in terms of colors and frightening. These are frank pictures about human loneliness. Having exposed the body, it is not always possible to expose the soul — the first is easier to do, the latter after a series of mental traumas is almost impossible.