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oil based paint

Spring bouquet

Весенний букет

Oil painting

# 43

Oil paint on canvas, 10×14 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, холст, 25 * 35 см

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Spring bouquet

Spring bouquet is an oil painting this spring. The artist-author never picks these rare flowers in the forest. She saw this vase with snowdrops in a flower shop and made preliminary sketches of shape and color. She finished the painting in the workshop. The picture turned out to be very delicate, as the spring bouquet itself in a vase looked like.
Spring bouquet of snowdrops is a symbol of the end of winter and the beginning of the long-awaited spring. Spring is the awakening of life and the birth of something new. This is a riot of colors and feelings. The first spring rays of the warm March sun warm the earth. They are in a hurry to awaken our souls and hearts from sleep in order to let kindness and beauty into them. Snowdrop has been popular since ancient times. There are many legends and tales about these gentle messengers of spring in all countries of the world. Handmade oil painting.

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Even Homer, describing the adventures of Odysseus, mentioned the Moli grass. The god Hermes gives this herb to Odysseus so that he can resist the spell of the witch Circe. Moli grass is a type of snowdrop. The poem was written by Homer three thousand years ago.
In France, snowdrops are called snow bells. According to legend, the goddess Flora invited all the flowers to a festive masquerade ball. Snow also wanted to get to the holiday and began to ask flowers to hide it under his tunic. But the flowers were afraid of the cold, and only the white Snowdrop decided to hide the Snow under his cloak and secretly take him to the carnival. Since then, Snow and Snowdrop have become friends and now Snow shelters Snowdrop from the cold.
Another legend, reminiscent of a fairy tale according to the plot: a long time ago there lived a brother and a sister. Their parents died early, leaving the house on the edge of the forest, and the children were forced to take care of themselves. The brother was engaged in hunting, and the sister was busy with the household. And then one day, when my brother was not at home, my sister decided to collect cleaner snow in order to clean the floors in the upper room. Spring was just beginning to come into its own, and therefore there was still a lot of snow in the forest. My sister took two buckets and went into the forest. She wandered quite far from home. But the girl knew the forest well, therefore she was not afraid to get lost. But another misfortune lay in wait for her here: the old goblin, driving around his possessions on a lame wolf, saw the girl, and realized that such a neat mistress would not interfere with him. He grabbed her and took her to his den. But the girl was not at a loss — she tore a string of beads made from river pearls left over from her mother and began to mark her path with beads. But they sank into the snow without a trace. The girl realized that her brother could not find her and cried bitterly. The clear sun took pity on the orphan’s grief, the snow melted and in the place where the pearls fell, the first spring flowers — snowdrops — grew. It was on them that the brother found his way into the devil’s den. When the goblin saw that his hideout had been found, he screamed and ran away. And the brother and sister returned to their home and healed happily.