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oil based paint

Sea sunset

Морской закат

Oil painting
Sea sunset

# 1

Oil paint on fibreboard, 13×17 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, оргалит, 32 * 42 см

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Sea sunset

Sea sunset — basically the sun sets in the sea without rays in a huge ball that changes color from orange to red. Sunset over the sea is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature to man. Most people, with rare exceptions, love to watch the sunset. We also belong to this majority. And when traveling, if possible, we prefer to settle with a view of the sunset in order to enjoy this sacrament every evening. Sunsets even in one place are different every time and are not always bright, but we are often lucky, and besides, all have their own «zest». Let’s try to tell and show the most memorable ones. Bright sunsets over the sea are not the most common phenomenon, the most beautiful, as a rule, are in the transition — from dry to rainy periods and especially after thunderstorms. Those. out of season. Handmade oil painting.

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At such moments, you feel delight and gratitude for your life, for the opportunity to see such magic.
Mountain sunsets cannot be ignored, especially at high altitudes. For example, here are some unrealistic pictures we managed to see on Elbrus, in the base camp at an altitude of 4500m. Fiction! Only very cold. Enjoy your travels and beautiful sunsets!
The Legend of the Sunset of the Sun Once upon a time there lived a young man and a girl who loved each other so much, tenderly, beautifully and devotedly that they involuntarily aroused the envy of people. But human malice and envy began to persecute them, and unable to resist the evil intrigues, the lovers left the people. The boy became the blue sea, and the girl became the red sun. And only at sunset the sea and the sun touch each other. The young man tenderly sings his favorite song of the waves, and the girl gently embraces him with her rays. Legends are passed down from generation to generation because people want to believe in them. The legend about the sea and the sun, about the beautiful sunset shows us the holiness of love, its loyalty, its beauty.