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oil based paint

Portrait of a young couple

Портрет молодой пары

Oil painting

# 55

Handmade oil painting on canvas, 20×28 inches

Масло, холст, 50 * 70 см

paint sold

Portrait of a young couple

Portrait of a young couple was painted in the open air on the banks of the river during the engagement of these young people. Several years have passed since then and the young family is happy! While writing the sketch, music was playing, the bright summer sun was shining and the atmosphere of the holiday was touching. People in love are the most beautiful people in the world, because the light of sincere love emanates from them. Even the most gloomy people who come across them on the road bloom with smiles, because it is impossible not to feel someone else’s bright joy that illuminates their path. Lovers are ready to do anything for each other: to bring down the mountains and drain the seas, just to be with the one who is destined for them. Lovers are betrayed by their eyes … This phrase became the basis for writing many poems. But in fact, a couple in love differs from the rest not only with ardent looks, but also in other signs. They have a special body language, special behavior and their own personal habits.

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How else are they different from other people?

Walking the hands. This sweet gesture has become familiar to everyone. Couples who are just starting to communicate, holding hands, establish a special connection with each other — a romantic one. After all, friends very rarely walk by the hand, right? Psychiatrist practitioner Mark Goulston from the United States advises couples in love to walk together and hold hands. So a guy and a girl go on the same level and psychologically «synchronize» with each other, tuning in to mutual understanding.

Hugs are always and everywhere. Even in the last century, psychotherapist Virginia Satir put forward the theory that a person needs at least 8 hugs a day to feel happy. Everyone noticed that after a long hug it becomes easier and more cheerful in the soul. When hugging, people exchange positive energy. This process takes at least 20 seconds. This is how people in love hug — for a long time, tightly and tenderly. Especially if you haven’t seen each other for a long time. In this way, they compensate for the lack of attention and support.

Expressions of Emotion in Public. Many people are embarrassed to kiss and hug in public because it annoys others. But lovers cannot contain their emotions. They are proud of their soul mate and forget about everything, being together. Especially restrained natures are limited only to modest hugs or quickly kiss their soulmate on the lips, but still do not leave her without manifestations of love.

A special smile. From a smile, if you look closely at a person’s face, you can tell a lot. She appears not only for joy. It could be a low-key greeting, a polite refusal, or tiredness. If the smile is forced, then it only touches the lips, but is not reflected in any way in the eyes. But a sincere expression of emotions is a smile that starts from the eyes and grows into laughter. She is distinguished by warmth, a person is not able to control her (therefore, the expression on her face sometimes takes on a silly look). This smile is characteristic only of lovers who look at their beloved.

Their-self «space». This is manifested in whispering in public. Lovers always keep secrets, say something in each other’s ear, laugh at it. At a distance, having chosen a convenient moment, they exchange eloquent glances, winks, and special signs. All of this is reminiscent of their personal language in which they communicate so that no one else can understand them.