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oil based paint

Portrait of a blonde girl

Портрет светловолосой девушки

Oil painting

# 48

Handmade oil painting on canvas, 16×20 inches

Масло, холст, 40 * 50 см

paint sold

Portrait of a blonde girl

The portrait of a blonde girl was created by order of her daughters in honor of the anniversary. The girl’s features show the Polish origin of her ancestors. She is really beautiful. A high forehead and a thoughtful gaze speaks of her high intellectual development. Blond beautiful hair flows around her head. She gazes thoughtfully into the future. And he calmly reacts to the constantly changing world around him. Handmade oil painting.

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For many people, blondes are associated with something light and romantic. Such girls are incapable of rude deeds, they have a weak character. But these are just stereotypes that are gradually fading into the past. Among the owners of white hair, there are many politicians and outstanding personalities with an extraordinary mindset. Natural blondes most often have light skin and blue eyes, they are characterized by the presence of light eyebrows and eyelashes. This is truly a rare occurrence, but if a girl decides to change her hair color, turn from a brunette to a blonde, then she can have absolutely any eyes. All this must be taken into account when determining the color type and choosing clothes.
If a blonde beauty with blue eyes chooses a coat or jacket, then it does not have to be pink. But it is worth noting that it is precisely all shades of pink that suit blondes in the best possible way. And here eye color and skin tone do not play any role. White hair and pink clothes are the perfect classic combination. But a pink coat is an option for walking or going to an informal institution.

If you need to choose an image for the office, then there are other beautiful colors. For example, all shades of yellow, including mustard and olive, go well with white hair. If you do not want to move away from pink tones too much, pay attention to a burgundy or marsala suit. These shades are not considered frivolous, they add seriousness to the image, while maintaining lightness and brightness.

When choosing a fur coat, it is better to pay attention to natural colors. But it is better to leave the white fluffy mistake in the store, giving preference to the beige beauty. The same applies to all other items of clothing. White hair and white clothes, especially if your skin is porcelain, will keep your look from flaring. The face will appear pale and unattractive.