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oil based paint

Morning ablution

Утреннее омовение

Oil painting

# 52

Oil paint on fibreboard, 13×17 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, оргалит, 32 * 42 см

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Morning ablution

Morning ablution — it’s a brief moment of the life of nature, depicted by the artist. Another second and the white swan will fold its excellent wings and begin to glide along the surface of the transparent lake… Such moments are difficult to capture, but you can carefully peer at them, discern in detail. And then transfer from memory to the picture with oil painting. This is how this picture was born.

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The mute swan (Cygnus olor) is a dazzling white bird, the largest representative of the swan family. It is a large white bird, which is distinguished from other species of swans by its long, curved neck. The white mute swan is not born: the chicks are born gray, becoming snow-white only by the age of 3 years. Another distinctive feature of the mute swan is the pineal bridle on its beak, painted black. The feet are also black. Males differ from females in the larger size of the whole body and growth on the beak.
Cygnus olor does not always emit a characteristic hiss, but only when a threat is approaching. In addition to hissing, a swan can whistle, snort and even grunt, although in the English translation its name sounds like «dumb swan». Handmade oil painting.
The majestic appearance of the mute swan makes it a lust for the royal court: in Denmark the bird has become a national symbol, and in Great Britain all individuals belong to the royal family.
The mute swan is designed for life on the water. It is interesting that the swan does not sleep on the surface of the reservoir, but is looking for a reed or an area with twisted roots for spending the night. The character of mute swans is peaceful, they calmly relate to other species.