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oil based paint

Happy unknowing of the future

Счастливое неведение

Oil painting

# 62

Oil paint on canvas, 17×20 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, холст, 40 * 50 см

happy unknowing of the future
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Happy unknowing of the future

Happy unknowing of the future — oil painting created by the artist based on the memories of her life in Moscow. We see her carefree image, the sparkle in her eyes and the smile of a self-confident person. If only she knew then how many difficulties she had to overcome in life… Moving to study in Belgium, studying in another language, French. Looking for an apartment for rent and getting used to a new life, a new reality. The happy ignorance is what keeps her from giving up and panicking. Now much has already been overcome and achieved, and you can look with a smile at how calm and balanced she was at the beginning of her journey. With a smile of happy ignorance…
Handmade oil painting.

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Happy ignorance — means that a person does not know something that will hurt him or cause trouble. Until he knows, and feels good. Usually this is something serious that can greatly change a person’s life. Sometimes there really are such situations in the life of every person that it is better not to know about or about which it is better to find out after a long period of time — then the event is not perceived so sharply, to some extent the elapsed time has a healing effect, and emotions are no longer manifested in the same way .
For some reason, it is generally accepted that if a person does not know about something unpleasant that applies to himself, then he is certainly happy. For example, about the fact that he is being deceived, or about his serious illness. This is the meaning of the saying. In fact, the sooner he finds out about something, the better.
Sometimes she thinks it is. The more the baggage of knowledge becomes, the more questions arise, the more imperfect it seems to be around, and the more you seem ignorant to yourself. Ignorance is a dark place. It’s hard to deal with him. But, probably, we spend most of our lives in it. Probably, we all live in ignorance, so we should not fence ourselves off from others.