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oil based paint

Forest Lake

Лесное озеро

Oil painting

# 2

Oil paint on canvas, 16×16 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, холст, 40 * 40 см

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Forest lake

Forest lake is a necklace on the body of any forest. Lakes decorate the landscape, create water supplies for animals and birds. But most importantly, they create their own microclimate in the area adjacent to them. The benefits of lakes are especially noticeable in dry years. If there is a forest lake on the territory of a forest area, then this area is a single ecological system in which both the flora and fauna of the forest are involved. Handmade oil painting.

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Along with natural lakes, artificial lakes can often be found in forests. This is the result of the activity of beavers. Many nature lovers often complain about beavers for these bodies of water that prevent them from reaching their usual mushroom and berry places. But beavers, as part of the forest ecosystem, only fulfill their role in general processes. And this role is not so bad when seen. So in hot and dry years, my friends are surprised where I carry full baskets of mushrooms, because sometimes it does not rain for more than a month. And when I say that beavers are helping me, they think I’m joking. It’s simple. In places of natural and artificial lakes, even in dry years, abundant dew falls. Mushrooms usually have enough of this moisture, and heat and sun only enhance the harvest.

Many forest lakes are the beginning of small streams and small rivers, which later turn into large and wide rivers.