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oil based paint

Christmas lantern

Рождественский фонарь

Oil painting

# 51

Oil paint on fibreboard, 13×17 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, оргалит, 32 * 42 см

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Christmas lantern

Christmas lantern is one of the symbols of the upcoming Christmas and New Years. The painting was painted to herald these most interesting parts of the year. Even during a hot summer, one glance at this oil painting brings joy and a smile. «Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way! O what joy it is to ride, In a one-horse open sleigh.» Yes, all this is waiting for us ahead of an amazing holiday!

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The Christmas lantern symbolizes the Christmas star that lit the way for the Magi to the baby Jesus. By lighting a Christmas lantern, a person believes that he also has his own star showing him the right path.
Handmade oil painting.
Originally, Christmas trees were decorated with apples, candy and nuts, or with traditional paper and straw decorations such as Yul Kozy, one of the most ancient symbols of Scandinavian Christmas. Gradually, Christmas tree decorations become richer. Our famous garlands began to be produced in Germany, starting with thin silver threads, which were soon replaced by cheaper metal.

The tradition of decorating Christmas trees with candles dates back to the 17th century. It was a risky decoration, because the branches are flammable and have a serious fire hazard, so it was a common sight for a festive tree to put one or two buckets of water in order to be able to respond quickly. Over the years, metal clamps were invented, with which candles were placed at the ends of branches. And yet the ate continued to burn …
The idea for the Christmas lights is from the American engineer Edward Johnson, one of the closest friends of Thomas Edison, his business partner and vice president of the Edison Electric Light Company.

On December 22, 1882, he decided to decorate his Christmas tree in an unconventional way by wrapping it with incandescent bulbs. To do this, he used 80 blue, red and white lamps, connected in a chain. As a result, the engineer decided to give this miracle to the world.
In the late 1950s, bright lights appeared in the form of pigs, bears and strollers. The figures were made of thick glass and screwed to an outlet connected to a wire.

Christmas lights today are a must-have everywhere and in a variety of shapes — wood, windows, porch or fireplace. We find every comfortable corner and decorate it with lights, and even the smallest spruce comes to life if there are countless lights on it.