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oil based paint

Bouquet of lilies and cornflowers

Букет из лилий и васильков

Oil painting

# 53

Oil paint on fibreboard, 13×17 inches. Handmade oil painting.

Масло, оргалит, 32 * 42 см

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Bouquet of lilies and cornflowers

Bouquet of lilies and cornflowers was painted in oil in the artist’s studio in the fall of 2021. It is designed in ocher tones and painted from a natural bouquet of late autumn flowers. Lilies and cornflowers bloom at a time when many trees are already shedding their foliage. The ocher hue tells the viewer that everything around is already golden in autumn. Winter is coming and this bouquet is the last goodbye of summer.

Yellow lilies are delicate flowers. The palette ranges from lemon and golden to ocher and yellow-orange interspersed with other colors. These graceful bulbous perennials serve as a bright decor for rocky hills, flower beds and bouquets.

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Sun spots in the garden, even in cloudy weather, are golden beauties-lilies against the background of dark green plants. Like lilies of other colors, these varieties are also distinguished by their relative unpretentiousness, a variety of colors and flower shapes. When choosing a variety of your favorite color and type, familiarize yourself with the flowering time and its preferences. This will help create corners of the garden where the rainbow of colors lasts all season. Handmade oil painting.
A yellow lily means gratitude, brightness, fun, but also lightheadedness, a lie. Lily bouquets can be given for a variety of occasions. The richness of colors makes it possible to choose a lily to express any feelings, because each shade has a special symbolism.
The flower symbolizes purity, purity and well-being. In Christianity, it is associated with the image of the Virgin Mary. The Slavs decorated women’s clothing with embroideries in the shape of a lily, since it is believed that it personifies health and longevity.

In China, there is a long tradition of presenting a bouquet of white lilies to newlyweds for good luck. The French kings used the image of a flower for their emblem as a symbol of mercy and the pursuit of true justice. A tattoo on the body means a person’s intention to rebirth and start a new life.

The flower carries such a strong charge of energy that in the Middle Ages it was used as a mark on the body of people who broke the law. This does not mean that he is a symbol of crime. The secret meaning of the brand lies in the fact that the chaste symbol of the Virgin Mary will change the mind of the stumbled, cleanse his energy and direct him to the true path.